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Area Conversion

1. square meter [m2]:
2. square kilometer [km2]:
3. square mile [mi2]:
4. acre [ac]:
5. square feet [ft2]:
6. square inch [in2]:
7. square yard [yd2]:
8. square centimeter [cm2]:
9. square millimeter [mm2]:
10. square micrometer [um2]:
11. square nanometer [nm2]:
12. square hectometer [hm2]:
13. square dekameter [dam2]:
14. square decimeter [dm2]:
15. hectare [ha]:
16. are [a]:
17. cent [ct]:
18. barn [b]:
19. Electron cross section:
20. circular inch:
21. circular mil:
22. plaza:
23. township:
24. homestead:
25. rood:
26. square perch:
27. square rod:
28. section:
29. square pole:
30. square chain [ch2]:
31. square mil [mil2]:
32. sabin:
33. arpent:
34. toise:
35. square foot (US survey):
36. square mile (US survey):
37. acre (US survey):
38. square rod (US survey):
39. square yard (US survey):
40. square inch (US survey):

Click to Select: a, ac, b, ch2, cm2, ct, dam2, dm2, ft2, ha, hm2, in2, km2, m2, mi2, mil2, mm2, nm2, um2, yd2

Click to Select: acre, acre (US survey), are, arpent, barn, cent, circular inch, circular mil, Electron cross section, hectare, homestead, plaza, rood, sabin, section, square centimeter, square chain, square decimeter, square dekameter, square feet, square foot (US survey), square hectometer, square inch, square inch (US survey), square kilometer, square meter, square micrometer, square mil, square mile, square mile (US survey), square millimeter, square nanometer, square perch, square pole, square rod, square rod (US survey), square yard, square yard (US survey), toise, township

km2 mi2 cm2 in2 cm2 m2 cm2 mm2 ft2 m2 mm2 m2 ac km2 ac m2 ac ha um2 mm2 ha m2 cm2 um2 mm2 um2 km2 m2

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