Python queue Function

Queue is usually used for data exchange between threads in Python. The queue module provides manipulations of Queues. Create a Queue object:

>>> import queue
>>> q = queue.Queue(maxsize=5)
>>> q
(queue.Queue object at 0x024D65B0)
Put item into the queue:
>>> q.put(8)

Remove an item from the queue:
>>> q.get()
queue module manipulates 3 types of queue:
queue.Queue(maxsize=0): FIFO queue, first in first out, the first tasks added are the first retrieved.
queue.LifoQueue(maxsize=0): last in first out.
queue.PriorityQueue(maxsize=0): the lowest valued entries are retrieved first.

queue module methods list:
q.qsize(): return the size of the Queue
q.empty(): If the Queue is empty, return True, else False
q.full(): If the Queue is full, return True, else False
q.get([block[,timeout]]): get Queue, timeout is the waiting time
q.put([block[,timeout]]): put in Queue, timeout is the waiting time
q.task_done(): formerly enqueued task is complete
q.join(): Blocks until all items in the Queue have been processed