R Builtin Datasets

data() function lists all builtin datasets in R. The builtin datasets can be accessed directly in the R working environment. To access datasets in specific packages, use data(x,package="package name", where x is the dataset name.

R builtin datasets list:

AirPassengersMonthly Airline Passenger Numbers 1949-1960
BJsalesSales Data with Leading Indicator
BODBiochemical Oxygen Demand
CO2Carbon Dioxide Uptake in Grass Plants
ChickWeightWeight versus age of chicks on different diets
DNaseElisa assay of DNase
EuStockMarketsDaily Closing Prices of Major European Stock Indices 1991-1998
FormaldehydeDetermination of Formaldehyde
HairEyeColorHair and Eye Color of Statistics Students
Harman23.corHarman Example 2.3
Harman74.corHarman Example 7.4
IndomethPharmacokinetics of Indomethacin
InsectSpraysEffectiveness of Insect Sprays
JohnsonJohnsonQuarterly Earnings per Johnson & Johnson Share
LakeHuronLevel of Lake Huron 1875-1972
LifeCycleSavingsIntercountry Life-Cycle Savings Data
LoblollyGrowth of Loblolly pine trees
NileFlow of the River Nile
OrangeGrowth of Orange Trees
OrchardSpraysPotency of Orchard Sprays
PlantGrowthResults from an Experiment on Plant Growth
PuromycinReaction Velocity of an Enzymatic Reaction
SeatbeltsRoad Casualties in Great Britain 1969-84
TheophPharmacokinetics of Theophylline
TitanicSurvival of passengers on the Titanic
ToothGrowthThe Effect of Vitamin C on Tooth Growth in Guinea Pigs
UCBAdmissionsStudent Admissions at UC Berkeley
UKDriverDeathsRoad Casualties in Great Britain 1969-84
UKgasUK Quarterly Gas Consumption
USAccDeathsAccidental Deaths in the US 1973-1978
USArrestsViolent Crime Rates by US State
USJudgeRatingsLawyers' Ratings of State Judges in the US Superior Court
USPersonalExpenditurePersonal Expenditure Data
VADeathsDeath Rates in Virginia (1940)
WWWusageInternet Usage per Minute
WorldPhonesThe World's Telephones
ability.covAbility and Intelligence Tests
airmilesPassenger Miles on Commercial US Airlines 1937-1960
airqualityNew York Air Quality Measurements
anscombeAnscombe's Quartet of 'Identical' Simple Linear Regressions
attenuThe Joyner-Boore Attenuation Data
attitudeThe Chatterjee-Price Attitude Data
austresQuarterly Time Series of the Number of Australian Residents
beaver1Body Temperature Series of Two Beavers
beaver2Body Temperature Series of Two Beavers
carsSpeed and Stopping Distances of Cars
chickwtsChicken Weights by Feed Type
co2Mauna Loa Atmospheric CO2 Concentration
crimtabStudent's 3000 Criminals Data
discoveriesYearly Numbers of Important Discoveries
esophSmoking Alcohol and (O)esophageal Cancer
euroConversion Rates of Euro Currencies
euro.crossConversion Rates of Euro Currencies
eurodistDistances Between European Cities
faithfulOld Faithful Geyser Data
fdeathsMonthly Deaths from Lung Diseases in the UK
freenyFreeny's Revenue Data
freeny.xFreeny's Revenue Data
freeny.yFreeny's Revenue Data
infertInfertility after Spontaneous and Induced Abortion
irisEdgar Anderson's Iris Data
iris3Edgar Anderson's Iris Data
islandsAreas of the World's Major Landmasses
ldeathsMonthly Deaths from Lung Diseases in the UK
lhLuteinizing Hormone in Blood Samples
longleyLongley's Economic Regression Data
lynxAnnual Canadian Lynx trappings 1821-1934
mdeathsMonthly Deaths from Lung Diseases in the UK
morleyMichelson Speed of Light Data
mtcarsMotor Trend Car Road Tests
nhtempAverage Yearly Temperatures in New Haven
nottemAverage Monthly Temperatures at Nottingham 1920-1939
occupationalStatusOccupational Status of Fathers and their Sons
precipAnnual Precipitation in US Cities
presidentsQuarterly Approval Ratings of US Presidents
pressureVapor Pressure of Mercury as a Function of Temperature
quakesLocations of Earthquakes off Fiji
randuRandom Numbers from Congruential Generator RANDU
riversLengths of Major North American Rivers
rockMeasurements on Petroleum Rock Samples
sleepStudent's Sleep Data
stack.lossBrownlee's Stack Loss Plant Data
stack.xBrownlee's Stack Loss Plant Data
stacklossBrownlee's Stack Loss Plant Data
state.abbUS State Facts and Figures
state.areaUS State Facts and Figures
state.centerUS State Facts and Figures
state.divisionUS State Facts and Figures
state.nameUS State Facts and Figures
state.regionUS State Facts and Figures
state.x77US State Facts and Figures
sunspot.monthMonthly Sunspot Data 1949-1997
sunspot.yearYearly Sunspot Data 1700-1988
sunspotsMonthly Sunspot Numbers 1749-1983
swissSwiss Fertility and Socioeconomic Indicators (1888) Data
treeringYearly Treering Data -7979
treesGirth Height and Volume for Black Cherry Trees
uspopPopulations Recorded by the US Census
volcanoTopographic Information on Auckland's Maunga Whau Volcano
warpbreaksThe Number of Breaks in Yarn during Weaving
womenAverage Heights and Weights for American Women