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Hyperbola equation and graph with center C(x0, y0) and major axis parallel to x axis. If the major axis is parallel to the y axis, interchange x and y during the calculation.

Hyperbola Equation Calculator
( Hyperbola Online Grapher )

x0 :
y0 :
a :
b :
Hyperbola Focus F:
Hyperbola Focus F':
Hyperbola Eccentricity :
Asymptotes H'L :
Asymptotes L'H :


Hyperbola calculator equations:

   Hyperbola Focus F X Coordinate  =  x0 + √(a2 + b2)
   Hyperbola Focus F Y Coordinate  =  y0
   Hyperbola Focus F' X Coordinate  =  x0 - √(a2 + b2)
   Hyperbola Focus F' Y Coordinate  =  y0
   Asymptotes H'L: y=(b/a)x + y0 - (b/a)x0
   Asymptotes LH': y=(-b/a)x + y0 + (b/a)x0
   Hyperbola Eccentricity  =  √(a2 + b2) / a