Major World Events in 1994

Sweden Votes to join the European Union. (11-13-1994)
UNESCO inaugutates World Teachers Day. (10-05-1994)
Car ferry MS Estonia sinks in the Baltic Sea, 852 people died. (09-28-1994)
US invade Haiti to restore order. (09-19-1994, 3 Records)
US Air flight 427 crashes in Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania, all 132 people died. (09-08-1994, 4 Records)
The Provisional Republican Army gives up military operations . (08-31-1994)
Israel and Jordan sign Peace Treaty. (07-25-1994, 1 Records)
Yemen cilvil war. (07-07-1994, 7 Records)
Tunnel between English and France opens. (05-06-1994, 8 Records)
China Airline flight 140 crashes at Nagoya, Japan, 264 people killed. (04-26-1994)
Finland votes to join the European Union. (04-16-1994)
U.S. withdraw troops from Somalia. (03-15-1994)
South Africa cedes Walvis Bay to Namibia. (03-01-1994)
U.S. F-16 shoot down four Serbian fighter planes over Bosnia and Herzegovina. (02-28-1994)
Record cold temperatures hit the eastern US. (01-20-1994, 7 Records)
US and Russian sign Kremlin Accords, detargeting nuclear missiles towards each other targets. (01-18-1994, 1 Records)
The Superhighway Summit is held at UCLA. (01-11-1994, 3 Records)
The North American Free Trade Agreement established. (01-01-1994, 2 Records)